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ATM Fraud

ATM Fraud is one of the most common types of fraud but there are some measures that people who own credit cards and debit cards can take to avoid theft of their identity.

One of the first things you should do is always be aware of the location of your bankcard. If you do not use it often it is easy for you to lose the card or have it stolen. Don’t fall into a false sense of security by thinking that a person can’t use your stolen ATM or Debit card without your PIN number. Many fraud artists use the cards for making point of sale purchases using a forged signature. Your credit card can of course also be used online or on the telephone without a signature or a PIN.

Yet another tip for preventing ATM fraud is to destroy all the receipts that you receive out of the ATM. If you want to keep the receipts keep them in a safe place in your wallet. If your account number is on the receipt you should destroy it.   

Never lend your ATM card to anybody. Lending the card is especially common among spouses, parents and children and girlfriends and boyfriends. If they overcharge on your account the bank may not pay for your mistakes. 

While actually using the ATM machine you should conceal the numbers you are punching in with your hand. Just shade the keypad with a cupped hand so nobody can see the numbers you are punching in. Crooks who do have your account number from a receipt will also follow a victim around to see if they can detect their PIN number. They use hidden cameras and a cell phone to do this. You should also avoid doing anything subconscious like mouthing the number out loud as you punch it out in the keypad.

You should also avoid punching out your number on the keypad of a telephone that others can hear. Some criminals can tell what your PIN number is from the sound of the beeps made by punching in the numbers on the phone.

Following the above tips should keep you safe and sound from ATM Fraud.

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