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Burger King Kazakhstan Supports an Orphanage in Talgar

On the eve of the International Day for Protection of Children, the team of LLP QSR led by Anuar Utemuratov, the President of Burger King Kazakhstan and the youngest son of the famous billionaire, public figure and philanthropist Bulat Utemuratov, visited an orphanage in the Talgar city to personally congratulate the children and to hand-deliver a check for the amount of 230 000 tenge aimed to support the orphanage.

The Burger King Kazakhstan’s team prepared a lot of games with educational elements and the kids joined the celebration with great pleasure and energy. After active games, both kids and adults were divided into two teams, one of which cooked dinner (traditional pilaf), while the other took on outdoor cleaning. By personal example, the Burger King Kazakhstan’s team showed that it is important to work hard and make efforts in order to achieve the desired result.

The orphanage in the Talgar city is only one of projects under the patronage of Burger King Kazakhstan. The company’s team visits this large and friendly family on a regular basis, bringing gifts, playing games with the kids and providing various types of help. “I am pleased with the fact that charity is developing in Kazakhstan. But we need to keep in mind that this should be on a regular basis and should have some educational background. Since it is important to show children at risk that it is possible to change their lives for the better by developing and learning," Anuar Utemuratov said.

Bulat Utemuratov entered a 12-year contract with Burger King to represent the one of the world’s leading franchise in Kazakhstan. The first restaurant opened in 2012 in Almaty, while today the network amounts to 36 restaurants opened in 10 cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently, this is the largest global fast food chain in the country, covering more than 19 thousand restaurants around the world. In addition to high quality services, Burger King Kazakhstan provides plenty of jobs and career development opportunities. It employs over 600 people across the country and promotes the Global Food Safety Initiative by the cooperation only with certified suppliers. Also, Burger King Kazakhstan continues sponsorship and charity traditions, established by Bulat Utemuratov, in particular by patronizing the orphanage in Talgar.

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