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American Football Betting Features

Speaking of American football bets, we mean betting on the NFL and other North American leagues. Bookmakers also take bets on national championships of other countries, but these are poorly studied tournaments about which there is very little information. In addition, the margin in the NFL is 1.5-3%, and, for example, in the Swedish championship it is already within 8%.

Before betting on American football, you should learn all the rules of this sport, not even at the level of an ordinary American fan, but better. American football at first glance seems incomprehensible, but even if you watch a few matches, you will learn the basics of this game. Football is the game that can unite people, despite the strife of individual fan groups. For fans of this sport, all conditions are created so that they can weekly enjoy matches of the highest standard at Boss Bet. Every year more and more people get sick with football, which affects the volume of bets in bookmakers. For bookmakers, football is generally a gold mine, as many fans make regular bets, which usually play in the red.

A bit of history

It is generally accepted that football appeared in England but if you delve into history, it turns out that about a dozen nations played games long before the advent of football, which can be called its progenitors. Moreover, the geography of the settlement of these peoples covers all continents.

In the mid-19th century, the football that is known to all of us already appeared in Great Britain. Of course, over more than 150 years, its rules have repeatedly changed, but the foundations were laid even then.

What Types of Bets Are in Football?

  • On an outcome or on a double outcome. Everything is simple here, you can bet on the main outcomes of the match (victory, defeat, draw) or you can bet on 2 out of three outcomes with one bet.
  • To the total. The total score of goals in the match is implied, but there are other varieties, such as bets on the individual total, on the total time, the total of a certain segment of the match, etc.
  • At the exact expense. Novice players like to make such bets, but they bring big financial losses.
  • Given the handicap. In every second football match, there are rivals of completely different levels, so you cannot do without using the odds in the bets.
  • On the results of the season. It is better to beware of such bets, since the season for the team can end unpredictably.

Looking at the composition of the team, it should be borne in mind that the individual capabilities of the players mean nothing if the coach cannot establish a team game. Therefore, do not lose sight of such an important factor as teamwork.

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