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Identity Theft Articles and News

One of your first stops when looking for identity theft articles and news is the website of the Federal Trade Commission in the United States. This federally run web site offers all types of news and updates about the latest trends regarding identity theft as well as plenty of statistics about the subject. Many of the statistics on the Federal Trade Commission’s website come from reports specifically commissioned by the organization to find out such facts as how many people are victims of identity theft per year, how long it takes for the average victim of identity theft to repair his or her credit report and the average cost to retailers every year. 

In addition just about every single major credit card company and lender offers a space on their website that is devoted totally to articles about identity theft, how to protect yourself from it and also the latest news about what the institution or organization is doing to increase security measures about identity theft. Many of them also have email lists that you can subscribe to which will also bring you the latest news when it comes to new ways of preventing credit card and other types of fraud. Content on these types of sites is renewed quite frequently as technology enables more advanced forms of credit card fraud that customers need to be updated about.  

Other good sources of articles or news about identity theft are your local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and law enforcement office. These places will often have plenty of information about the latest scams being perpetrated on innocent people by conniving identity thieves.

You can also find identity theft articles and news by searching the internet. This should turn up scores of blogs and websites with information about identify theft.


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