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Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Here are some tips to prevent identity theft:

1.         Always sign the back of your credit card. This makes it difficult for identity thieves to impersonate you in an “on the spot” personal transaction if a clerk should ask for identification. 

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2.         Keep your credit card in a safe place in your wallet. More than half the time credit card fraud occurs because of a credit card that was carelessly put away or even left at the store in the hands of an unethical employee. 

3.         Never give out your social insurance number to anyone. The same thing goes for your employee identification number. Both can be used to acquire personal information that can be used for identity theft. 

4.         Always cover the keypad when you punch in your PIN number at a retail outlet or an ATM. Watch out for people looking over your shoulder trying to find out your number.

 5.         Always use a paper shredder to destroy essential documents and cut up any unused credit cards into tiny pieces. This prevents dumpster divers from stealing your information from your garbage.

 6.         Rip up all carbon receipts (or insist that the store clerk does) as your full account number and name is imprinted on them. It is easy for identity thieves to replicate a plastic card using these inky black receipts. 

7.         Never lend your credit card or share your credit card or ATM card with anyone no matter how much you trust them. This is especially true of a child, a boyfriend or girlfriend or an ex spouse. 

Just paying attention to the above tips should go a long way towards preventing your vulnerability to identity theft and credit card fraud.

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