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Identity Theft Resources

If you are searching for identity theft resources and articles the first thing that you should do is type in “identity theft resources and article” into a popular search engine like Google or MSN. This should turn up hundreds of informational sites and blogs with all kinds of information about identify theft. 

The very best site for this however is the Federal Trade Commission in the United States. This federally run web site offers all types of news and updates about the latest trends and statistics regarding identity theft as well as plenty of statistics about the subject. You can also find classic forms and examples of letters used when you need to dispute credit charges such as an example of a fraud affidavit form. On this site you will also find all the rules and regulations so that you know how to expect to be treated by the credit bureaus and the credit card companies once you have detected that you are a victim of fraud. 

Many of the statistics on the Federal Trade Commission’s website come from reports specifically commissioned by the organization to find out such facts as how much money is annually stolen by identity theft, how long it takes for the average victim of identity theft to repair the damage done and the kind of situations that led to the identity fraud in the first place. 

In addition, just about every single major credit card company and lender offers resources such as forms and form letters as well as articles about identity theft.  Many of them also have email lists that you can subscribe to which will also bring you the latest news when it comes to alerting you to new types of fraud. This can help you prevent becoming a victim in the future.

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