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What Handball Bettors Should Keep in Mind?

Handball bets are inferior in popularity to football, basketball, hockey, and tennis bets. Meanwhile, this sport gives betters no fewer opportunities. Especially in live mode. In handball meetings, goals are scored almost every minute, which means a frequent change of odds. At this pace, the chances of bookmakers making mistakes increase.

Handball Specifics for Betting Players

The match consists of two half-hour halves, separated by a fifteen-minute break. The possible victory of one team or a draw. In the playoffs, extra time is played (10 minutes). If it does not reveal the winner, throw a series of seven-meter penalty. Key points of handball bets you need to know to increase your chances to enjoy the victory at

  • Free daily sports predictions. In this sport, statistics play an important role;
  • It is recommended to work with matches of leading national championships and international tournaments;
  • Not all bookmakers set high limits on the game;
  • Betting on total and odds are best done in Live when the dynamics of the development of events are determined;
  • consider the importance of the match for the favorite.

Dozens of varieties of bets are played in handball. In addition to classic outcomes, handicaps and totals are popular. You can guess the score, the results of individual halves, and periods. When predicting the result, specify the additional time factor. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the position of a runner who began to celebrate the victory for the lap to the finish line.

Beginners are advised to start with bets on one of the participants or a draw. With lower ratios, more reliable 1X, 12, 2X are available. Extra bets such as time/match or the winner of the next ten minutes usually play live. This also applies to various statistical forecasts. Handicap - a game with a virtual advantage of one participant

Such bets are popular in regular single wagers and express. There are positive and negative odds (handicap). In handball, things are changing fast. An advantage of several goals in a couple of minutes can transform into a minus. More often this happens in the games of women's teams, where emotions are expressed brighter. Experienced betters usually buy a head start on Live when they see the course of events.

A positive handicap is put to the outside of the match. Such a handicap is expressed as an integer or fractional number. In the first case, a return is possible. For example, in the match “Hanover” - “Bittenfeld” the guests are offered F (+5) with a coefficient of 1.84. If they lose with a difference of four goals or less, the office will pay 1840 for each thousand. If the hosts win +5, the bookmaker will return the bet, the more it will take.

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